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For your safety, please check with your physician BEFORE making any significant changes to your dietary and/or physical activity habits!

Rocketing toward Success in Wellness 

It’s Not Rocket Science


My name is Bridget McCray, and I have a heart for women. My mission is to help them reach their full potential in their wellness, making a positive impact on generations to come.

I feel that we, as women, tend to put others’ needs ahead of our own, especially for those of us who are mothers. Typically, we pour out all we have without taking — or, should I say, MAKING — time for ourselves. We need time to refresh and…

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Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray 

A Change in Thinking
Four years ago this month, I was super-excited about the time I’d invested in myself at the gym one particular morning. Why? It’s because I was able to set FOUR personal records! So…what's the big deal about that? After all, it's just my physical body, which will ultimately die anyway. Right?

Well, yes, it will die. However, while I'm still living in it, I want to have the best quality of life that I can have for however much time I have left on this earth.

For me, the bigger issue was the…Read more

Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray 

You’ve written your S.M.A.R.T, goals, as we discussed in the last couple of articles, and you have been doing well for the first few weeks. You’ve been mindful of what you’re eating, and you’ve deliberately made time to exercise at least three times a week.
Then, a co-worker picks up a couple of boxes of doughnuts to surprise everyone, and they’re your favorite. Uh oh! After thanking your co-worker for being so thoughtful, you eat not one, not two, but three of those sweet treats. Now,…

Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray 

Do You Have A Plan
for Your Health?

We make plans for lots of things, don’t we? Where we want to live, how much money we’d like to make, where our children will go to school…the list goes on. Yet, for many, there is no plan for their health.

We often go through our daily lives of busyness, giving little thought to what we’re putting into these amazingly complex bodies in which we live. We have the tendency to forget that we only have one while we’re on this earth. Maybe, it’s just me.

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Model P31 Fit by Bridget McCray 

Get S.M.A.R.T
with Your Goals 

So…it’s a new year. What are most of us inclined to do in January? Make a plethora of resolutions!

* “I’m going to lose 15 pounds this week!”
* “I’m going to drink a gallon of water a day!”
* “I’m going to go to the gym twice a day every day!”
* “I’m going to cut out all the salt in my diet!”

Do any of these declarations sound familiar? Of course, they do. Most of us have said one of these things, or at least, something similar. Right?

Then, what happens when:
* … we gain two…

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