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I am LOVING her book!! I bought it a couple of days ago and was able to read a sample (1st chapter) after my purchase. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival so I can finish it!! I truly believe this is a stepping stone into better health and a new life for me. I'm so excited!!

Mrs. K.
Arlington, TX

I love the many helps that you have incorporated in the book. They can be used as a personal journal to stay focused and on track as you take "baby steps" on your journey to H.E.A.L.T.H.

Fran M.
DeSoto, TX

Bridget shares her own health journey while inviting you along. Packed with practical information we can easily incorporate into our busy lives, one step at a time.

Barbara S.
Tyler, TX

You did a masterful job! I felt like I was hearing your voice as I read it, and it is right on point. You've got the gift! Very motivating, practical, and doable, and I am passing on the info to others, as well.

Christi H.
Denton, TX

Reading your book is like sitting and having a conversation with you. Loving it! 

Monique M.
Mansfield, TX




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4.14.2018 event at LTF

4.14.2018 event at LTF

4.14.2018 event at LTF

4.14.2018 event at LTF