Upcoming DVD

By the end of 2020, I would like to create a product for women ages 35+ who may be new to intentional physical activity, in an effort to help them regularly get moving: a fitness DVD!

My vision includes incorporating both strength and cardio movements, showing proper form, as well as modifications, movements that are safe and effective for the users.

The DVD would also include ORIGINAL MUSIC with lyrics to encourage the users while they are doing something good for their bodies. The estimated cost to produce such a project is $15,000.

It is a desire of my heart to help ladies ages 35+ to know that it's not too late to start taking better care of themselves, so that they may have the best possible quality of life.

If you would like to see healthier moms and g-moms in your family and community, I hope you will consider helping me to make this project become a reality.  

I so appreciate your consideration and your support for this project! Thank you!

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Q. How will I learn about the progress of the project?

A. Updates will be provided via email bimonthly from the date of the first contribution. To ensure you receive the latest news, please sign up with your email address in the applicable space on this page.


Q. Why was the target date set for the end of 2020?

A. That date is close to the new year, and every new year begins with a resolution to get healthier/lose weight for many. I believe this "weapon" would be a powerful one in each user's arsenal for that journey, to help equip every user for LONG-TERM success.