Tips for Staying on Track during the Holidays

Imagine for a moment the sights and smells of Christmas dinner, likely including favorites from childhood: A beautifully baked turkey? A juicy, glazed ham? Your favorite stuffing/dressing? Oh, and the desserts! Sweet potato, pumpkin, or pecan pie? Brownies with powdered sugar? Bundt cake? I could go on, but... 

Given thoughts of those delicious foods, are you feeling like you'll come out on the other side packing an extra 10, 15, or maybe 20 pounds? Guess what? It does not have to be that way! 

Here are a few things I've learned on my personal wellness journey that you might find helpful for holiday eating without sacrificing your waistline. Consider: 

  • Drinking a bottle of water 15-30 minutes before eating, which would aid you in feeling fuller and, in turn, would help you to eat less
  • Getting some moderately-paced movement for 15-20 minutes prior to eating (taking a walk, exercising with a YouTube video that is appropriate for your skill level, doing Jumping Jacks (or modified Jacks), etc.), which would increase your metabolism and assist you in burning more calories 
  • Serving your food on a smaller plate, enabling you to still savor your favorites while controlling your portion sizes and not overdoing it 

It IS possible to have long-term success on your wellness journey. I am living proof! Having a simple plan in place could be quite beneficial and avail you of the opportunity to enjoy your special foods without the regret of overindulging. 

One wise choice at a time is all it takes. YOU are a worthy investment! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These tips are things I've found to be useful in my personal journey and are NOT intended to be medical advice. For your safety, consult with your physician BEFORE making changes to your dietary and/or physical activity habits.