Could your organization benefit from having someone share practical ideas to help employees/members learn to take better care of their health and in a way that could fit into their schedules?


Bridget can help! 


She is a Certified Lifestyle Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Program, has taught group fitness classes, and has been on her own personal wellness journey for several years.


Bridget lives what she shares and has sustained success over the years through consistency and awareness, even through unexpected setbacks, and with NO GIMMICKS. She absolutely loves helping others learn to do the same, one wise choice at a time!


In addition, she is a wife of almost 25 years, as well as a mother of almost 20 years. She has gained invaluable insight during this time regarding marriage and being intentional in raising a family to help create a positive legacy for generations to come.   


Bridget would be honored to engage and encourage those in your organization! To invite her to speak, click the button below to complete a short information form. She looks forward to connecting with you!